HARRY: STORY FIVE – An Erotic Love Story

January 24, 2010


HARRY: STORY FIVE – An Erotic Love Story

I love harry’s penis when it lies there, small and vulnerable. 


While it is still small, I sometimes take it in my mouth and see how much I can hold in there without choking – and laughing – as it grows.  After sex, when it is growing small, I sometimes fall asleep holding it, like a favorite comforting blankie.


Harry’s cock, erect, is textbook perfect.  It is just that beautiful.  It has the requisite veiny, throbby, purply, thick characteristics of the very best penises.


There is no point on my body at which harry could touch my with his cock which would not cause me a frisson of delighted anticipation.


I love harry’s cock.  I love it soft nestled comfortably in the crook of his groin or the palm of my hand or tucked into my mouth – waiting to grow up. I love it rock hard, powerful, commanding, demanding, pointing skywards, thick, veiny, splotchy-engorged, purple-knobbed, possessive, frantic and desperate.


I love watching it become transformed from one state into the other, and then back.


Last night Harry gave me what I think of as the come-as-you-are orgasm.  The orgasm it provides may just be the most soul-satisfying one there is.  It starts deep within, in the very center of body and soul and it doesn’t travel far from there.  It is intensely and absolutely satisfying.


Harry placed under my hips a pillow made to elevate me to such an angle that he makes maximum contact with my vulva when we fuck – he gets all of the tender spots, which means my clit, my swollen, pulsating, shiny clit, my oh-god-harry-make-me-come clit.


Harry told me to lie down, legs spread, and positioned himself on top of me, supporting most of his own weight.  He gently lowered himself and kissed me deeply in what I have described elsewhere as a kiss which is a sex act in itself.  Harry’s kiss alone has brought me so close to orgasm that I believe that it will take only patience for it to someday make me actually come.  Yes, Harry’s kiss is that good.


As Harry and I mouth fucked, harry pressed his hard cock into my belly.  I urged my pelvis up towards him, wrapped my legs around him, squirmed, indicating ever more frantically that he should just please please please fuck me fuck me already.  From deep in my throat, I moaned helplessly.


Still mouth-fucking me, Harry lifted his body slightly and lowered a hand to put his cock to where my need was so great that nothing else mattered.  When Harry’s knob touched my cunt, I broke away from the kiss and cried out.  He entered me slowly, despite my frantic urging – I believe I even pounded his shoulders oh just fuck me fuck me hard now now now.


When he was deep in me, pressed hard into me, Harry held the pressure for seconds and pulled back.  The sticky-friction-feel on my labia and clit made me gasp. Harry oh yes!  Now I was going to climb the mountain and I belonged to Harry for this journey. 


Harry began the slow inexorable journey of this most incredible of fucks.  I hold on to Harry for dear life as he performs the movements which will stimulate every inch of my cunt using his cock and the flesh between his legs.  This is a long, slow fuck and during it I am perhaps more intensely aroused than at any other time – it is intense for Harry, too.  I am unable to speak, even to moan.  Harry is silent, too.  Harry may sense where I am by the urgency of my breathing or the tensing of my muscles.  I cannot describe cries, moans, words of passion – there is none of that.  I am simply one mass of trembling need to come.  Silent and desperate.  Orgasm.  Orgasm.  Just make me come.


Harry knows when I have come by the spasming of my cunt.  He continues to fuck through the spasms and only relaxes when my body does the same.


I love to come this way. It leaves me energized. The aftermath is different from the wipeout orgasms. I wouldn’t give up either.


Harry.  Harry was tired but desperate to come.  He was so full of need that he hurt.  I was full of energy and mischief and I was going to rouse Harry to weeping frenzy before I made him roar with completion.


I was going to give Harry a wipeout orgasm.


My turn.


I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do for Harry, so I decide to be selfish and do a few of the things I like best.


I order him to kneel on the bed, supporting himself on his forearms on pillows.  When he takes too long to get into position, I smack him sharply on his ass cheeks which reddens them only very slightly.  I ask him if he needs additional punishment.  He tells me to give him whatever he deserves.  Oh, I will.


I form a whip with my hair and I swish my head over Harry’s ass cheeks.  I spread his ass and let my hair run along his ass crack.  I use a finger to push my silky hair into his asshole and he cries out as I withdraw it.  At the same time, I cup his big, heavy balls and squeeze and swat them.


My hunger for Harry is vast now and I bury my face deeply within his ass crack, tonguing, licking, eating as I go.  When the tip of my tongue finds Harry’s delectable hole my moan echoes his.  I nibble and suck and chew on the rim – Harry is calling me the names like cunt and darling that turn me on – I press my tongue inside and insert a finger alongside so I can get my tongue in deeper.


I move so fast that Harry doesn’t have time to react when I flip over on my back and slide beneath him so his heavy balls are positioned over my mouth.


I reach up and grip his ass cheeks and pull him down, down, down.  His balls meet my waiting mouth.  I cannot take Harry’s balls in my mouth all at once so I begin to nuzzle, lick and suck.  I hold his heavy balls in both hands and I squeeze and prod and eat and suck and hum into these big heavy hairy balls which makes Harry beg and I love this so much and Harry needs to come I know he needs to come but he will wait a little longer because I need to feed at his balls.


And I need to bring a hand down to my clit – oh god – and when I come I cry out into Harry’s balls and he needs to come so bad he weeps oh baby please please please.


I am merciful.  I reach my cunt-clit-wet hand up for Harry’s straining cock and hand-fuck every throbbing inch until Harry explodes, screaming, with shudders and spasms which seem to rend his soul.



5 Responses to “HARRY: STORY FIVE – An Erotic Love Story”

  1. Harry said

    Thanks leeza. Thanks very much

  2. Margaret said

    You are free here, Good to see you writing what you like without attacks!

  3. tgpw said

    Very powerful… Beautiful and unrestrained

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